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R2R Program FAQ – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of scrap tires I can take to an R2R participating retailer?
Yes. The R2R participating retailers have limited space to accommodate scrap tires that may be dropped off by consumers. Therefore, a limit of ten (10) scrap tires has been established. If you have any more than 10 scrap tires, it is a good idea to give the retailer a call in advance.


Will there be any charge(s) to drop-off scrap tires at the select retailers?
No. However, if the tires you drop-off are not rimless, you can expect to pay a de-rimming charge. Call the R2R participating retailer in advance to determine the re-rimming charge, as retailer’s charges for de-rimming services vary.


Will the select retailers accept all types of tires?
No. While the program is designed to facilitate passenger and light truck tires – if you have other tire types, call the R2R participating retailer in advance to determine if they have the space and the resources to safely handle the larger tires.


Why must the tires be rimless?
The scrap tire recycle program and contracted processors only have the capacity to recycle rubber, not metal.


What happens to tires once they are dropped off at the R2R select retailers?
Tires are then picked-up by SSTC collectors and transported to a processor in the province. There are two processors in the province that recycle the rubber and convert it into a variety of different products. Examples of products include: landscape mulch, playground safety surfaces and sports fill, just to name a few!


Why must I record the number of tires dropped off on the Consumer-Scrap Tire Tracking Form?
Every tire that comes into the SSTCs programs must be accounted for to facilitate the SSTCs reporting requirements. Therefore, each time you drops off tire(s) you will be asked to provide your name and record the number and types of tires being dropped off on the Consumer – Scrap Tire Tracking Form. The R2R participating retailers submit the tracking form into the SSTC each month. Random verification of information that is recorded in this form will occur periodically throughout the year.

If you have any other questions about the Return to Retailer (R2R) Program, or any other SSTC programs, please contact the SSTC office at 306-721-8473.


When in doubt, please contact the participating retailer nearest you: 


655 Albert Street N
Regina, SK
Auto Service:(306) 757-8608

2325 Prince of Wales Drive
Regina, SK
Auto Service:(306) 522-8473 

4520 Albert Street N
Regina, SK 
Auto Service:(306) 585-1334 

1811-22nd Ave NE
Swift Current, SK 
Store:(306) 773-0654 

205 Hamilton Road
Yorkton, SK 
Store:(306) 783-9733 






301 Confederation Drive
Saskatoon, SK
Auto Service:(306) 384-1212





111 McDonald Street
Regina, SK
(306) 721-4313

804 Albert Street
Regina, SK
(306) 775-2283

635 University Park Drive
Regina, SK
(306) 584-8473

505 – 1st Avenue W.
Assiniboia, SK
(306) 642-3588

Hwy #5, 269 Railway Avenue
Canora, SK
(306) 563-6426

Junction 10 & 47
Melville, SK
(306) 728-3779

415 Highway #7
Rosetown, SK
(306) 882-3200

1091 Chaplin Street W.
Swift Current, SK
(306) 773-0611

50 – 7th Avenue S.
Yorkton, SK
(306) 782-2334



120 McDonald Street North
Regina, SK
(306) 721-0113 


1304 Cornwall Street
Regina, SK
(306) 757-3538 


216 York Road East
(306) 782-0444


3802 Millar Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
(306) 651-0450


1955 North Service Road W
Swift Current, SK
(306) 778-3000

West Central Tire & Auto (1985) Ltd.

801 10th St W
Kindersley, SK
(306) 463-4655