SSTC’s Black Gold Rush Program Contract Awarded

The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation is pleased to announce that it has awarded the contract to collect and recycle the scrap tires through the Black Gold Rush program to Shercom Industries Inc. of Saskatoon. The SSTC RFP Evaluation Committee, consisting of Joanne Fedyk, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, Rod Seiffert, Partner of MNP, Shantel Lipp, President of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association, and SSTC management, is confident that Shercom Industries, and its recent expansion, has the ability to fulfill the mission of the timely collection and recycling of the thousands of scrap tires that are expected to accumulate during this summer’s 2015 Black Gold Rush program. The Black Gold Rush program is a one-time free clean-up of private stockpiles of scrap tires. The program will be targeting 52 municipalities in the central part of the province this summer. A map of the clean-up area is available in the Black Gold Rush section of the website Shercom Industries has been a registered recycling facility and collector with the SSTC program since the program’s inception. During this time they have helped convert millions of pounds of scrap tires into value-added products. The SSTC is a non-profit, non-government organization responsible for the management and handling of the over 1.5 million scrap tires generated in Saskatchewan each year. Since 1996, SSTC has kept over 22 million scrap tires out of our landfills, maintaining a clean and healthy environment for generations to come. For more information contact: Jackie Kuntz, Director, Special Projects, (306)721-8472 Theresa McQuoid, Executive Director, (306)721-8470