Black Gold Rush

The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation is launching a new program, called “Black Gold Rush”, in the West Central area of the province.

Black Gold Rush is a one-time free clean up of private stockpiles of scrap tires in the region this spring.

The Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation is working with rural municipalities and local service clubs who will volunteer to help with the collection process.

“We are hoping to collect and recycle thousands of scrap tires that may be cluttering up farm yards, quonsets, and garages in the area. This is a perfect opportunity for residents of the area to recycle scrap tires for free,” said Special Projects Director Jackie Kuntz.

“If you have a stockpile of tires that you would like removed, contact your local RM office,” said Kuntz. A map of the clean-up area is available in the Black Gold Rush section of the website

Tires collected are recycled and converted into new products that include rubberized asphalt and crumb rubber playground surfaces. More than 57,000 tires were collected from the Southwest region in a similar clean up in 2010.

The corporation is funded by an environmental fee charged on the purchase of new tires. Since its inception in 1996, the corporation has collected and recycled more than 16,000,000 tires generated by retailers and collected from municipal landfills.

The Scrap Tire Corporation is a non-profit, non-government organization managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who represents stakeholders including the tire retailing industry, and municipalities. For more information contact: Jackie Kuntz, Director, Special Projects, (306)721-8472