Be Tire Smart

This past week we caught up with one of the Be Tire Smart events that have been happening all summer across the province. Be Tire Smart is an advocacy campaign by the tire industry (Rubber Association of Canada) with the goal of educating motorists about proper tire inflation and maintenance. The BTS objective is to advance fuel economy, vehicle safety and environmental protection by motivating drivers to make sure their tires are always properly inflated and maintained.

This year the summer students (managed by the SWRC for all recycling programs in SK) assigned to the SSTC have been hitting the road with our version of the BTS program. Students were trained on the BTS program by the RAC to properly understand tire inflation, tread depth, sidewall markings and wear. Armed with used tires (supplied by Market Tire of Saskatoon) and a wealth of information on the merits of proper tire care Students are educating consumers about tire maintenance and the SSTC program at major gas bar events (10 large Federated Co-op gas stations in Regina and Saskatoon) and the big car shows in the province.

In addition to learning how to properly check your tires air pressure and tread depth, consumers are being asked to answer 4-5 question survey. Participants are entered into a prize draw and are given a free tire pressure gauge and tread depth tester. This program has been a complete success and will be wrapped up at the end of August. More information about BTS can be found at