tires collected to date
The SSTC is one of the many organizations in the province that manages a stewardship program, dedicated to the long-term preservation of the environment by diverting products from landfills into the recycle stream. In order to advance responsible stewardship, partnerships are established with many organizations, which include:
To support the preservation of the environment for future generations. 
To support a province-wide cause of creating a recycling minded culture by growing and advancing stewardship programs. 
Is unified in the province to bring together major players of the recycling industry for the benefit of the environment. 
To work together for the betterment of tire recycling initiatives in Canada, through the sharing of information, expertise, and resources. 
To educate consumers about the benefits of proper tire inflation and maintenance, and to promote proper tire care programs through Summer Car Care Clinics. 
To supply event ambassadors who are the ?boots on the ground? assisting with scrap tire stockpile abatement in support of the Black Gold Rush program. 
Manages a marshalling yard on behalf of the SSTC where scrap tires are sorted and redirected to various locations for recycling.